Sunday, June 05, 2011

Another Week

Only a matinee today but I am exhausted. They were a decent crowd and last night we had two great audiences. I think that ones mind knows when it is the end of the week and allots just enough energy to get through what ever number of shows you need to do. Tonight I would not have the energy for one more.
There was a reaction last week that still makes me laugh. I said, "There have been ventriloquist who have been executed simply for performing ventriloquism," and two members of the audience burst into applause. It totally cracked me up.
At the show this afternoon right down on the front row center seat was a man in his late fifties. Dressed fairly conservatively but his hair was cut in a grey mohawk. At first I thought it was one of those Woody Woodpecker hair cuts that was just combed up in the middle. Not the case, his more than middle age head sported a mohawk.
Darwin, the monkey, had a field day with that patron. At one time he said, "Next time the barber says, next, get out of the chair." The parting show was Darwin looking at him and saying, "I bet you buy shampoo for normal hair." He was a great sport and was the first one to leap to his feet for the curtain call. I was betting that anyone who would go out in public with that "do" would be open enough for a little razzing.
I am barely able to keep my eyes open to finish this entry. I will cut it short lest I fall face first onto the key board and the resulting text be more clever than the actual blog.
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