Wednesday, June 01, 2011

It's all Show Biz

A couple of days off from the show and only my ipad for news. I am following the Casey Anthony murder trial in Orlando, which is better drama than a Law and Order, and now the Congressman Weiner tweet which is better comedy than Seinfeld. And very much like Seinfeld, it is a story about nothing.
If you have been under a rock, here is your breaking story. Over the weekend a picture of the lower half of a guy in his underwear was "tweeted" from the congressman's account to a 21 year old coed in Seattle. The news refers to it as a lewd photo, which means they have never watched a fruit of the loom ad on their own network. The congressman wrote it off as a prank, and said his account had been hacked and the picture did not come from him. The girl immediately said she has never met the congressman, although she "follows" him on twitter, and assumed the picture was actually from a guy who has been harassing her via the internet, most likely a 21 year old student as well. She did say that because she likes the Congressman's liberal position on issues she referred to him as her "boyfriend" in a political tweet. She did say that she is tired of this unwanted attention from the boyfriend stalker and the media.
Three days later there are still reporters camped outside the Congressman's office asking questions. Have you filed charges against the hacker? Is that a picture of your "tighty whites"? Why were you also following this girls tweets? Why don't you deny it again for our cameras?.... Why are these reporters wasting everyone's time? The Congressman wants to know why the same reporters are not camped out at the office of Clarence Thomas who's wife received large sums of money from the Health care industry. There is a case coming up before the Supreme Court arguing the health care bill and Justice Thomas will not recuse himself from the case. The Congressman is trying to find out what is going on with Jolly old Clarence, but first has to answer questions about his BVD's.
The guys name is Weiner. I'm sure he has heard the jokes all his life. Someone sends a picture of a "cod piece" to a cute girl in his class using the Congressman's name, uh Weiner. It is a college kids joke. It is not lewd, it is stupidly silly, and juvenal at best.
Weiner is one of my favorite words. I use it in a humorous context very often. My wife will remind me that it is childish and never as funny as I think it is at the time.
So, can we move on? Can we maybe look into Clarence Thomas who has never asked a question, never rendered an opinion and never seems to know much about anything while sitting on the Supreme Court bench. Look up his record on almost any case. He is perhaps the worst judge that has ever sat for the court. His wife did receive a lot of money as a lobbyist from the very companies that will benefit from a favorable Supreme Court ruling on the health care bill. He was caught not disclosing that information on his IRS statements for the last decade. Claimed he didn't know he was supposed to. Ignorance of the law is not a good trait to have with that particular job. I'm not even questioning the legality of those payments Mr. Thomas, just recuse yourself from the case. You never participate much anyway, and at least this will make you look like more than just a toke appointment.
Clarence Thomas... now that's a wiener.
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