Saturday, April 02, 2011

Self Portrait

It  is called a PDT or Photo Dynamic Treatment.  It was pitched as "like a bad sunburn" on your face by the cute dermatologist. A controlled burn of ultraviolet light on your face with a  specialized chemical block. The best treatment for the precancerous sun spots I have dealt with for the last 15 years.  It had to be done while I was home.
The treatment was quick and after it was done they told me not to go into the sun for 48 hours. There were no other rules and no other instructions. For 48 hours it was the worst sunburn on my face that I have ever experienced. I thought it would mostly be over like every other sunburn I had experienced in my fair skinned life.  It was then that I remembered the nurse said something like: "the spots will get crusty and flake off." Oh yeah the spots that is why I was having the treatment to begin with.  My face turned into a blotchy red crusty mess. The sight would make small children run in fear.  
So it will be a week on Monday, and I have only shown my face to close family associates, and I definitely have not gone out in the light.  
I cooked dinner on the grill last night and under estimated the sensitivity of the PDT burn.  The heat on my face was really intense.  Grilling last night was not the thrill is will be after I heal.
So for anyone who was wondering why I was not posting this week, between the energy that the PDT seemed to sap and the need to hide from heat and the sun.... I was not very funny. I will try to post more next week. Until......
As you were,


Anonymous said...

Feeling a bit like poor old Mr. Renfield at a mid summer picnic are we? Kidding. Feel Better soon good sir.

Phil Nichols
(Houston TX)

P. Grecian said...

This'd be a good time to haunt a theatre. Stick to the shadows. Wear a cape.
I was concerned about you. I know lots of people here were. Good to know you're okay.

Roomie said...

I have been "paying the dermatologist Piper" since last Fall and know "from where you speak"...remember my sun worshipping younger days? I'll have to ask about the PTD treatment....I have been having MOHS surgeries....guess I am speaking publicly....hope you are better soon....I'm with you...we send our love.....
Take care and
Carry on,

Aaron said...

I hope you get to feeling better.

Dave Robison said...

I can't help but wonder if those you were grilling for were not as thrilled either as you stood over the food with blotchy red crustiness.

But, I guess family is more forgiving. Here's to the eradication of all things nasty on your face.


PS: Please don't let these comments color any future invitations you may have to inviting me to dinner.

Anne said...

I too had the PDT treatment about three weeks ago. I felt as though my face was being sandblasted for those sixteen minutes and some odd seconds of the blue light. I am glad that is behind both of us!