Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I have a couple of observations about blogs. First of all, at least in the case of  "The World is a Stage", it publishes backwards.  What I mean is the newest blog is at the top of the list.  Last night exemplified the point.  The post that was published to test if my new app posted properly was posted after the post I posted to explain the former. See? it is confusing even to explain.  I am sure there is a way to reverse the order, but then the newest posts would be at the bottom, yes? Who would want to scroll down past things you have already read to get to the new stuff? As a dyslexic reader with ADD I would get lost, distracted and confused and end up reading the same thing over and over thinking it was new.  I suppose the solution is not to refer to a previous blog or restructure the entire concept of the time continuum. Or... just assume that the five readers I have for this missive can figure it out without me saying anything. I suppose that assumption is easier to accomplish than messing with the world's time continuum. 
Last night as I was watching a tutorial for the new iPad app the commentator, Lance Barton... no kidding his name is Lance Barton. I wonder if he has gone through his adult life saying, "No not the magician he's Lance Burton, I am Lance Barton the iPad app geek.".... but I digress.  As Lance was showing me how to "manage my blogs"  it struck me, "blogs... PLURAL?".  Are there people who have multiple blogs?  How do they do that?  I find it is all I can do to keep up with this blog on a semi regular basis.  If I had more than one to consider I would spend my entire life writing about a day that never happened because I was blogging all day about it. One would end up blogging about blogging.... which is exactly what I am doing now.
Yipes. Could this be true? Have I come full circle in this modern era of instant mass communication? Have I come to a point when the only variety in my life's activity is moving from blog to twitter, to texting, to email and back to blog before I call it a day?  Spalding Gray once said he couldn't write about anything that didn't happen to him. He had to wait for some event in his life so he could talk about it, he couldn't just make it up.
Okay with that in mind I will get out and see what life has to offer me today.  What adventures await that will become fodder for my lonely single blog?  There will be observations and stories to tell when I return. So... I am off to seek my life... but first I need to check my email.
As you were,


Bob Conrad said...

I understand that completely! I think? Excuse me, I have to go out and get a life. I'm too blogged down.

Roomie said...

Walk on down to "The Coffe Bean and Tea Leaf"....I am sure that there will plenty to blog about upon your return.....just see...
Carry on,
Oh, and what Bob Conrad said....

P. Grecian said...

I'll respond to this as soon as I check all my email, visit all the news sites, have a look at my facebook stuff, check out the vent and magic sites, go to my...

I'm sorry, what were we talking about?