Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jovial Saturday
The Easter Bunny walks into a drugstore and says to the guy behind the counter:
"Got any eggs?"
"No this is  just a drug store." says the clerk
 "Got any eggs?"
"NO, I told you we only sell drug store stuff."
"Got any eggs?"
"NO, I don't sell eggs"
"Got any eggs?"
"If you don't stop asking about eggs I am going to nail your big floppy feet to the floor."
The Bunny thinks for a moment and then says,
"Then I'll take some nails."
"I don't have any nails." screams the clerk
Bunny says, "You got any eggs?"

 As you were,

1 comment:

Bob Conrad said...

I'll take mine scrambled well with whole wheat toast. Happy Easter Jay!