Wednesday, April 07, 2010

TV Guide!
I made the cover of TV Guide. This is my first magazine cover, ever. My picture has never graced the front of any publication before. And, I have lusted to be on the cover of TV Guide for at least 35 years. 
This is the current issue of TV Guide and SOAP is ranked as one of TV's Top 50 families of all time; and a family photo of the Tates and the Campbells made the cover. (Follow the arrow to the white circle of Bob and me - we look much bigger in real life.) 
Making the cover of TV Guide is a huge deal to me.  I grew up idolizing the television stars pictured on the cover of TV Guide. And now I have joined their ranks proving it's never too late to accomplish a dream. 
When we moved to Los Angeles I signed with a personal manager.  Just so I don't get into some legal trouble let's say his name was Dick Linke.  He managed a lot of hot television actors at the time.  Framed TV Guide covers with their pictures filled his office walls. I would see those covers every time I went to see him.  I ached to have my picture up on that wall with the other celebrities. To be on the cover of TV Guide hanging on Dick Linke's wall.  It was a dream. 
I didn't make it onto the wall and Dick Linke didn't make it as my manager.  We parted ways pretty soon.  When I fired him he told me I would never do any better than what he could do for me. I am happy to say he was totally wrong... because.. I just made the cover of TV Guide Mr. Linke! Or in the words of Homer Simpson:  "In your face, Dick."

It was Jack and Amy "Darlin'" that made this happen. Thank you. Dear friends *are* dreams fulfilled.
As you were,


Bob Conrad said...

Congrats Jay, better late than never!

A. Scott said...

Boy, if anything proves the adage "Never give up," this is it.

That's great.

the other one said...

very cool indeed!!