Thursday, April 15, 2010

Close Encounters
There are things you see all the time that are so familiar and part of your environment that they seem to disappear after a while. That sort of mental editing is facinating to me.  
Some friends came by the house the other day.  They said they weren't sure they were at the right house until they saw the alien standing guard in the front.  I had forgotten he was there until they mentioned it.
Some people have a lawn jockey or a garden gnome, we have a green space alien in the front yard. I guess for a family that has vent figures standing watch over the pool table this is not so unusual. 
Because there is a high hedge and a fence that obscures the street you really can't see him until you are walking up the drive way.  He is about four feet tall and used to scare me at night when I would catch his shadow out of the corner of my eye.  No more, I think I would find it odd if he wasn't there anymore.
I'm not sure when he arrived but it was back when the kids were in high school living at home.  He showed up after a party they had when we were out of town.  They moved him around the yard for awhile.  He finally found this place and has been there for some time.  So long that I don't even notice him any more until he friends mention him. I call him Roswell. Seems to fit. He doesn't complain.
As you were,


moondog said...

I love him! I want one for our yard!

Roomie said...

Mandy wants one for our front fence or shrubs so it would scare the H... out of the neighbors in this gated commune/community!!!! don't be surprised if yours comes up missing...just sayin...
Carry on,