Monday, April 05, 2010

Shaken and Stirred--
We intended to have a very low key Easter afternoon. It was a lightly overcast Easter Sunday, the Lakers lost and I was on the couch with a sketch pad.  Sandi had just walked outside to the back yard.
She immediately called me to come out and look at the pool.  Neither of us had ever seen what was happening to the water.  There were large waves sloshing around and lapping on the sides.  At the same time it felt like the entire yard was on the deck of a boat in a light sea.  It was a dizzy floating feeling. At the same time the wind chimes began to clang and there was no wind. There was no doubt that it was an earthquake, but where and how strong?
I turned on CNN and they were breaking the story, and eventually they joined KABC, one of our local stations. We were feeling the rolling shock wave of  a Mexicali 7.2  earthquake that struck Southern California/Mexican border at  3:40 p.m.  We were not close enough to feel the magnitude but the rolling earth was still able to move water out of the pool a 7 hour drive away.  Since the rolling did not cause anything to fall or break, it was a pleasant momentary  dizziness, like rough seas on a ship.
The picture above  is a set up; I didn't have my camera with me at the time.  I wish I could have videoed the movement of the water.  It was very spooky.  We forget how powerful the earth is until it flinches a little. 
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