Friday, April 23, 2010

JAYSON'S Magic Eight Ball
Friday Blog Business Announcement - Jayson's Magic 8 Ball, predicting device, over heated and melted this week from trying to predict human behavior. Future services of the Magic Eight Ball device will be limited. 
Answer Hazy - Ask Again Later
This graphic represents my muse, so hot that it is burning itself up. The question is this: is passionate creativity self destructive? Can there be too much inspiration? Can too much enthusiasm be detrimental?
As you were,


Tedtoons said...

A painter friend of mine told me that he appreciates inspiration here and there, but doesn't want to work under its influence. It's like being "in love." You're swept up in the moment and might head down a path you'll regret later. (a painter's version of a Vegas wedding?) Getting inspired is good (and inevitable) but I guess he's cautioning that you're careful to process it in the right way.

A lot of times when I get too much inspiration, I feel like Scooby Doo when he runs in six directions at once but all his tails are sill attached to one spot. I don't like that feeling of having too many ideas at once and that I'll never live long enough to do them all. But you don't get pick when it comes.

Roomie said...

No it didn't....