Friday, January 30, 2009

The Pearl of the Day
I don't think Adam Corolla is funny. He is the liberal Al Capp of the 21st Century. By that I mean he is "witty" or "humorously informative" perhaps "egocentrically verbose" but I rarely laugh out loud. He has an early morning radio show here in Los Angeles. If I am up and running around in the car I catch his show. It's a habit left over from listening to that station when Howard Stern ruled. I never laughed out loud at Stern either, but he had a compelling way of making me listen. Probably it was the voyeuristic nature of my libido. At any rate I thought Corolla had an excellent insight yesterday morning. Not necessarily funny just "humorously informative".

Mr. Corolla said we should all develop the sensibilities of the rodeo bull. It went something like this: "So here is this bull and someone gets on his back which really makes him mad. Bull says to himself 'I am going to gore this guy in the sternum so hard, just as soon as I can get him off my back.' All the time he is kicking and turning he is thinking, 'I am going to kill this guy, I am going to ram my horn right through him, just as soon as I can throw him off.' Throw him off and gore him, that is his single minded purpose. But as soon as the bull has dislodged the rider and is ready to horn him he says, 'Wait a minute... look at that over there... it is clown and he has a funny red nose. There shouldn't be a clown in here. I'm going to knock that idiot out of the pasture. I am going to gore this guy in the sternum so hard...' With that the bull goes after the clown totally forgetting about the guy who tried to ride him. "

The point being that we should just deal with the problems that are facing us at the moment and not dwell on revenge or old issues. The bull gets the rider off his back, then he is on to the next irritation, the clown. My advice is, always go after the clown first it is just a matter of priorities.
Hope you have a great weekend.
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