Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I find myself doing a seminar for the World Magic Conference in Las Vegas today. I came to hang out with my friend Harry who is here performing his act. Tonight there is a forum on magic and the direction it seems to be headed. I was asked to be a part of that panel tonight.

Ventriloquist and magicians seem to share some of the same mystery of performance and although I have hung around magicians all my life, I never considered that I had much to contribute to the world of prestidigitation. However, in my career I produced three magic show specials for three different television networks. Since that would be three more than any body in the audience tonight, I guess I have something to offer.

After being around magicians for a couple of days it seems that ventriloquists are not the only ones who eat their own. There is certainly an element of backstabbing and petty comments toward the most visible and successful magicians. Since there are greater numbers of magicians than ventriloquist the negative element of the art is diluted somewhat.

I am sure there will be a chance to talk about The Two and Only and my ride on Broadway in the seminar today. Every magician is basically a one-man show hoping to take over the theatrical career of David Copperfield. I am trying to collect my thoughts to present some thumbnail sketch of my Hell and Hayes experience. It will be interesting because the forum is audience driven and question oriented.

We will discuss later.
As you were,


the other one said...

You will be fabulous and I'm sure you will have an opportunity to speak about TAO and all the hell at the hayes we put you through.

As far as all the back-biting goes, I heard this the other day:
"Mediocrity always attacks excellence." It's unfortunate but true. I prefer to celebrate the excellence in others - it's far more uplifting and exciting for everyone.

Pat said...

There is always backstabbing no matter what the profession. Those who are not as good bad-talk those that are better. And the better ones bad-talk the newer ones trying to come up. Unless you are a teacher ... then the newer ones are the ones you help.
You, my dear Jay, are a teacher. And though you get talked about, you are still one of the best! Be proud, and wear a stab-proof vest!!

dale said...

Jay: You've helped raise the bar and the status of ventriloquism. I refer those who attack your success, to a quote from George Lucas. "My success wasn't based on how I could push down ohters. It was based on how much I could push everybody up. And eventually their success was the same way. And in the process they pushed me up and I pushed them up and we still do that." The truth is, professional vents admire and respect you for helping to "push us up."