Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I got the heads up last night from Paul Kreppel;
today the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Awards announces their nominations. Jay Johnson is nominated for Best Solo Performance along with Clifton Taylor for Best Lighting Design of the “Two and Only.”
Here is the link if you have a desire to know more about the Awards. They will be given out on March 19th.


The nomination is for the run at the Brentwood Theater. My show won the Ovation Award in this category for the run at the Colony Theater. It would be nice to take an honor for the Brentwood.

For Paul this is a double honor. Not only is my show nominated but in the same category “Zero Hour”, a play that Paul directed, is also nominated. When Paul called to tell me we were hosting Murphy Cross, Susie Walsh and Ken Berry for a dinner party. It was perfect since Susie was the stage manager for the Brentwood run. We all got to hear it at the same time. Susie told me she reads this blog. So wiener.

The third nominee in the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Awards category is Lynn Redgrave, for "Nightingale". I never thought in my wildest imagination, I would be in competition with Lynn Redgrave for anything. In fact I would never think our names would ever be used in the same paragraph together.

There is a strange connection, however. Lynn’s father Michael Redgrave arguably gave the best performance of a ventriloquist ever filmed in the movie, “The Dead of Night”. Although the puppet voice was dubbed, it was his performance as a split personality schizophrenic that continues to make people afraid of ventriloquists today. It is a performance that I have studied over and over again.

Tomorrow I leave for another adventure at sea. This time my honey is going with me so it will not be so lonely. We will celebrate Valentine’s Day in Costa Maya. So… given the access to the Internet and other distractions, blogs will be limited. I will post when I can.
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Wiz said...

Congrats to all - enjoy the seas, and enjoy some warmer weather for me!

FiftyNinth said...

Congrats, JJ. Well deserved. (Don't forget to say you owe it all to me in your acceptance speech!)

Krepster said...

Jay, the official nomination states it is for both The Brentwood and The Colony, so congrats to Barbara Beckley and gang, too!
wish we were there xoxpkoxox