Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What I love about live theater is you always have the next performance to do better, unlike film or tape when you have to live with your mistakes over and over. Ask Michael Richards.

The Gypsy of the Year opening number went up without a ventriloquist problem today. Everyone had a laugh about my brain fart yesterday with his or her own story of going up on a line. The stage manager did post a couple of key word cue cards in the pit for me to refer to just in case. Thankfully I did not need them but the safety net was appreciated.

I find out that the Monday show is really considered a dress rehearsal because of the short time anyone has to work on it. Tuesday’s show is when the competition is judged and the show was wonderful. Very exciting. The crowd was electric. At the end of the number the reaction almost brought me to tears. It was the very Broadway send-off I dreamed about. There I was standing before a sold out audience at the Neil Simon Theater receiving a rousing ovation as a gypsy member of a big Broadway production number. It was a moment in time you want to freeze and keep forever. What a ride this has been.

My gypsy brother-in-law sent me the following article, which made me feel much better at having just flubbed a few lines yesterday. It can always be worse.
As you were,


the other one said...

I said you would be fabulous...no doubt in my mind. And who knew Bob could tap dance? I remember the dance off with Squeaky a few weeks back - I thought Bob's forte was break dancing. He must have been taking lessons preparing for a re-match.

I think that article has some very important information to keep in mind...if you ever work with a hippo, make sure it's not tired and don't use a trampoline, especially if the rountine is with Bob.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. We will miss you in NY.