Thursday, December 21, 2006

This is one of my favorite pictures from the Helen Hayes daze. This is my hero Bill Irwin laughing during our conversation after my show. I think I just said, "So what do you think about a ventriloquist doing a Broadway show?"

I have been asked about the Two and Only Tour next year. There are so many friends and TAOists who want to know when the show is coming near where they are. At this point plans are being made but I suspect nothing will be known until mid January at the earliest. I am suggesting that everyone sign up on the email list here on the Two and Only Website to get the updated information. You will probably get it quicker than I will.

I thought I would be in New York for Christmas, but now that I am in Los Angeles, we are revamping our holiday plans. It will probably be a calmer Christmas than usual. Our oldest Son is in Europe; it is our first Holiday without him. The youngest is living here going to college, but is taking a full load and we hardly see him. I hope we can catch up this weekend. However, all his friends are coming home and he will be off seeing buddies most of his extra time.

Paul Kreppel is back from New York for a few days and we had lunch yesterday. The Big Voice is still running in New York and he is torn between being here and being there. I know the feeling; it is still sort of a haze for me.

We hope to have the merchandise from the show up for sale on the website soon. Anyone who didn’t get a chance to buy a Monkeyjoke tee shirt, poster, Spaulding eyes, or poster magnet will soon have the chance.

As you were,


the other one said...

I love that picture. When I clicked on it, the picture filled the entire screen. I couldn't stop laughing! There's a lot of positive energy coming from that photo. Must click on it again!!!

Usher Bob said...

What fun!

PS I *FINALLY* today figured out how to log on with my Google account. Nice after so many months, eh?