Sunday, December 10, 2006

It is one of those perfect days in Los Angeles. It rained last night, which means the mountains were in crisp focus, stunningly shroud in purple and sunshine. It’s my California dream to drive a fast sports car on the tight curves of mountain roads on a beautifully clear afternoon. That is exactly what I did today. I love New York, I always have a great time there, but I’m a valley boy at heart.

In the emotion of The Two and Only closing, Sandi’s television show “Happy Hour” was also cancelled. It was short changed here in this Blog, but it was an equally sad closing.

I liked Happy Hour. It was on Fox Network and should have been given a chance to find an audience. It was a cast that got along and they were very much liked. Not that common in the television industry.

Last night, Brooke, one of the show’s stars, had a Christmas party at the home she shares with a director/writer companion. Her house is off Mulholland Blvd on Pacific View Drive, a hill that looks over the Los Angeles basin. This amazing view of lights is like the view of central park from the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Plaza.

Yeah, I know that view. I saw the Rainbow Room view the afternoon and the night I received the Artist of the Year Award from the New York YMCA. I recalled that moment as Sandi and I ogled the view of Hollywood from Brooke’s infinity pond.

Both views are equally majestic and similar in awe.

The night in LA is clear enough to watch the clouds roll in and the lights play peek-a-boo with the fog. The view of the Los Angeles lights from the hills has always captured my heart. It becomes commonplace if you see it every day, but I have been away long enough to see it anew.
I forgot how beautiful it is and why I fell in love with Los Angeles long ago. What a great Christmas home coming this is.

What a great memory it jogged.
As you were,


the other one said...

Sounds beautiful. I remember long ago, before I moved away from LA, the views of the mountains after a rainstorm or when the Santa Ana winds would pick up and clear the sky. The mountains would be crystal clear and the air so fresh. Breathtaking...

Anonymous said...

Do you own a "fast sports car?"
Call me....
Roomie and Mandy

Cousin Don said...

I have loved following your experiences and musings. I am proud of you and respect you so much for sticking you neck out to do The Two and Only. Have a peaceful and blessed Christmas back in LA with Sandi and the boys.

The Wood Cutter