Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It's my last night in New York for awhile. They replayed my shot on David Letterman last night. Sort of a fitting ending to my New York experience. Letterman bookended my stay here. I came and went with a David Letterman shot. There is some closure to that idea and it fits with my since of yen and yang.

Two things: First, the sign post at the corner of 53rd and Broadway is named Senor Wenches Way. It is very appropriate since that is the North west corner of the block with the Ed Sullivan Theater (Now the David Letterman Theater). Senor Wenches more than any other performer, much less ventriloquist, is associated with Ed Sullivan and that theater.

Second, the corner of 45th and 8th is Runyon way, named for Damon Runyon. It was from there that most of his New York adventures begin. Both these streets are just two blocks from where I spent most of my time here. Wenches two blocks from my apartment, and Runyon two blocks from my theater. Both men are romantic figures in my life as a ventriloquist and writer. I suppose I fancy myself as the combination of them both. I guess the gods of the City waited to show me those two signs just before I left so I would have something to think about after I get back to Los Angeles.

I will be on a plane tomorrow night and not available to blog. But the next time I do, it will be right here at this same location. I am sort of hooked on writing to you this way. If we stay in touch, maybe I will feel less like I am gone. There will be tours to talk about and adventures to recount. Who knows where this ride goes next, but let's go together okay?

Until again,

As you were,


FiftyNinth said...

We'll miss you, Jay J!

Anonymous said...

Yes indeedy!

--Usher Bob

the other one said...

We'll be right here when you return to NYC. It won't be long before you're back, I just know it (and I'm always right).

See you again soon!!!

Missy and Nate said...

We'll miss you Jay! Yes, please keep the blog going. Hubby and I still read it! Will look forward to hearing about the tour and any other upcoming projects! :)
-Missy and Nate

Erica said...

We'll be here and waiting for you, both for the blog entries and your return to NYC one day for more brilliant performances! (no sarcasm, we really loved your show). thank you for sharing your experiences!

Pat Kelly said...

Ditto Erica's comment!

Anonymous said...

Come back soon!

I was supposed to see you, for the third time, on February 10. So I hope it won't be too long after that!

And have some TV advertising the next time!

Toms River, NJ

Mindy said...

I saw you on Letterman, wanted to bring a tour group of developmentally disabled adults to see you when we tour NYC in Feb, but it's not on then? Will keep track, maybe some day one of my groups will connect with your show.
Thanks! Lucky Mindy Adventures