Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Tony Bennett has a DVD out of his duets album. We got it for Christmas and gave a copy to several others as presents. Rob Marshall directed and it has the feel of a television variety special they used to do so well. There are great production numbers with some really wonderful dancers.

Now I am not a fan of Tony Bennett personally. I have opened for him a few times and have several Tony Bennett stories to entertain a dinner party. But, in the talent department I am a huge fan. He still has great chops even at an age when the voice usually weakens. I never thought I would have anything in common with B.N. (you have to hear the story to understand),however, in an interview the other day he said something I related to; he said when he is not performing, he loves to paint. When he is not painting he loves to perform. I get that totally. That happens to be my dual passion as well.

Which brings me to say “The Muse” came back to visit with all her luggage last week. I started drawing again. Drawing may not be the right word. Sandi came into the office after I had been up most of the night working on a canvas and said,
“Are we obsessing on this woman?” I wasn’t sure if she meant the muse or the girl in my painting. Either way the operative word was obsessing.

The woman in question is a 16.5” x 20” acrylic and ink on canvas. It is the cameo of a young “goth”, and I am obsessed with her.

At the Colony Theatre in Burbank there is an art gallery. When we did The Two and Only there, I was given the gallery to show my art. At talk-backs I would be asked about the artwork in the gallery as much as about my show. The question that kept coming up was, “Why don’t you paint women?” I draw women, but there was none in that exhibit.

This new painting has become my Mona Lisa. Finally a painting I can display with pride to dispel the belief of gender bias in my artwork.

It is the most expensive painting I have ever painted. I learned that trick from an artist who said she had just finished a one hundred thousand dollar painting, if anyone would pay her for it.
As you were,


Linda said...

So where's the picture of your Mona Lisa for us all to appreciate?

Unknown said...

Yeah, do we have to beg? (Happy New Year!)

Usher Bob said...

Oh, I'll beg. 8+)


Anonymous said...

I'm not going to beg. Just pack her up and bring her with you when you "come East, young man," and perhaps we'll get what it's worth for you while you're here $$$$.
Carry on,

Linda said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!