Friday, September 02, 2016

Writing Credit???

"Gone in a moment" by Jayson
I must have the most fickle Muse in the world of inspiration.  I'm not even sure if it is just one or maybe several that visit from time to time.  I never know how long they will stay, but as long as they are around they demand my complete attention.

My drawing and writing Muses seem to be the most consistent and familiar.  I usually fall asleep drawing on my iPad while listening to some non-participatory television show.  I love the true crime shows for that simple reason.   Since there is no real footage of the crime, they have to describe it and give a detail of the methods they used to catch the bad actor.  It is more like a radio show and it is easy to follow while you attention is on the drawing.  

It is always an interesting morning when I look back on the drawing I was doing or had finished the night before.  Most of the time I can find where the final stroke of the stylus has slowly drifted off the page as I drifted off to sleep.  There is a sense of detachment to the drawing that I like to experience.  It is almost like I am seeing it through another persons perspective.  The drawings I like the most are the ones that make me wonder, how I accomplished it. 

The writing Muse seems to take over for most of the rest of the day.  However, I am wondering if while I draw and fall asleep the writing Muse might still be at work. Or maybe she employ's some temp workers at night. Evidence would prove that some of the things I write in the light of day, turn to complete shit by the next morning.  I always thought there were elves that came in the middle of the night and fixed the plot problems.  My elves seem to be re-writing all the good stuff and leaving all the crap. 

This writer is out of ideas.  One night he goes to bed and the next morning there is a finished script on his desk. The writer needs the money so he puts his name on it and submits the piece.  It sells immediately and the agent begs for more.

The next night the same thing. A beautiful new script is on his desk. He tags it as his own and it sells quickly. This process goes on for several weeks. One night the writer decided he will stay awake and see what happens during the night.

Sure enough about midnight he hears his computer keyboard clicking like the Geiger counter at Chernobyl. He sees a tiny elf at his desk typing 130 words a minute.  The writer says, "So you are the one doing all this great work?"

Elf says, "Yeah, I like to write, hope you don't mind me using your computer." 
"No problem", says the writer as he continues to talk to the elf.  "You know these scripts have been very good."
"Thanks." says the elf.
The writer says, "I got a big check for the last few scripts, can I share some of the money with you?"
Elf says, "Naw, I'm an elf, I don't use money... it's of no use to me."
"Can I get you a woman to say thanks?"
"How about drugs, liquor, a trip somewhere." says the writer.
"I really don't travel and don't use booze or drugs.... thanks though."
"I really need to compensate you some sort of way...." says the writer.
"Well, I guess if you really think you need to do something, maybe you could give me co-credit for writing it." 
"Fuck you, those scripts are mine." Says the writer.

Evidently my Muse employ's an "elf of a different kind" to do my midnight work.  So as I head into the weekend staring at a script that needs attention, I am wondering why my writing Muse wants me to write a blog.  That is the thing about running the creative race, the need to run is there even when the track is closed.  

Make it a great weekend.
As you were,

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P. Grecian said...

Yep. I write on scripts until I get ragged...then I go over to facebook and write there awhile...and answer some emails...and get back to scripts.
It's like the belief back in the 19th century that a razor that gets dull will sharpen up if you put it on the shelf and leave it alone for awhile.
Though, with writing, this often seems to be true.