Sunday, September 04, 2016


There is a clipping taped to my wall that says, "It all begins with your words." I  keep it where I can see it for inspiration.  It was on the cover of a Writers Guild magazine years ago.  Oddly enough they did not credit the writer of that sentence. 
Some say we are losing words because of social media.  It seems that a lot of communications are sent by cartoon emojis or abbreviations. Perhaps one day that will be the alphabet. A traditional sentence would be a string of drawings.  As weird as that might seem one only has to look at the Ancient Egyptians to see how that might work. They were intelligent and extremely advanced. Their written language was a line of drawings.
As you were,


Lloyd Lebow said...

Short and sweet.

P. Grecian said...

I mostly use emojis for tone. That's what's missing sometimes on fboo particularly. Tone. My sense of humor is sometimes pretty dry, and I've had people misunderstand...but an emoji after a piece of writing keeps them from coming after me with torches.
Or at least it keeps them from coming after me with torches AS OFTEN. :D