Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What is Ted Cruz?

I like to think of myself as a pretty good judge of comedy. And since I have had some experience with the legal definition of parody and satire, I think I can tell that difference as well. That is why when I look at the "parody/satire humorous political ad" that Ted Cruz ran on SNL, it is neither.

It is supposed to be a spoof on infomercials selling Dr Suess like Children's books.  They are all Christmas themed political missives with titles like "The Grench that Stole Emails", and "Frosty the House Majority Leader". And perhaps the worst of all is a book cover showing a cartoon Ted Cruz placing a star on the top of a Christmas tree entitled "The Senator who Saved Christmas".  The Cruz family attempt at Suess poetry falls even harder. At the end the announcer says, "if you don't like this book then you probably don't like Christmas anyway."  Implied in the statement is, "if you are not with us you are against us and you are going to hell.  As we say in show business,  "What is a bad idea without poor execution."  
It seems as if Ted Cruz believes it is a good thing to remind Americans that it was he who filibustered congress with the reading of Green Eggs and Ham on the Senate floor, shutting down the government and knocking our national credit rating off the top tier. (Side note: we still have not regained that top credit rating). If Ted is looking for Dr. Suess philosophy as it applies to human nature he should read a Dr.  Suess book called, "Star Belly Sneeches."  
Just in case here is a tag to an animated version of the Star belly Sneeches. It mocks the idea that some consider themselves superior for the most insignificant difference.

Giving Cruz and his daughters the benefit of the doubt, knowing they do not make their living delivering comedy, I still think his ad is stupid and definitely not funny.  I would post it here so you could see for yourself, but I do not want to taint my blog with Cruz Koolade.  You can find it on line if you are so inclined. It is an embarrassment to everyone but Cruz who states at the end with his "Grampa Munster" mug that He "approved this message." 
If you Google "Ted Cruz idiot" you will find a lot of quotes the Senator has stated over the last couple years.  But one article stands out. It is an by Sophia McClennen written on April 5, 2015 for a publication called the AlertNet. She points out that Ted Cruz is not an idiot, he is delusional which is much worse.  
Ted Cruz wants America to become a theocracy.  He wants our Constitution and government to be based on the Laws of the Christian Bible.  At the same time he wants to destroy all countries that believe in Sharia law and keep Muslims out of the American mix.  Sophia McClennen is right, that is not simply idiotic it is delusional. 
ISIS is a political theocracy with the laws of radical Islam as the law of their government. The only difference between what Ted Cruz wants and what ISIS wants is the difference between the Koran and the Bible. Neither book, in my opinion, has any more relevance in government than one by Dr. Suess.  
On Monday the Washington Post published a political cartoon in Dr. Suess style depicting Ted as a Santa Claus Organ grinder and his kids as the monkeys collecting money.  Cruz lashed out at the Washington Post screaming liberal media slander and they took the cartoon down. I'm glad the Post decided to do that.  I believe that Ted Cruz's family should not be a target, especially his kids, BUT he started the pandering.  Had he not used his kids in an ill conceived political ad, then the Washington Post would have nothing to PARODY.   Yes, Mr. Cruz this cartoon was Parody on your attempt at parody. If you assume the right to make the comments you do, then anyone has the right to make comments about your comments.  
This is the game you chose, you can't call for a rules change the minute the opposition scores a goal even if that seems to be your MO.  So, live with it, or shut up, or best yet get out of the race. 
I can not wait for this political season to end. I am sick of the stupidity, arrogance, entitlement and exclusiveness of this bunch of contenders.
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P. Grecian said...

I am so weary of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump and that whole posse of horrible people. They make me sick at heart.
Have we, as a country, come to this?