Wednesday, December 02, 2015

He-Man Power Sword : A Christmas Story

I don't like to do math, especially when it comes to calculating the age of my children. So let's just say it was back when my oldest son was young.  He was old enough to question the existence of Santa but smart enough to continue to milk the benefits of Santa's benevolence for at least another season.
If you don't have kids you don't know the terror of searching for that impossible Santa Claus gift. It is every parents nightmare. There's always that "gift" which is marketed to kids as the must have Christmas present. It was usually some electronic toy that was perpetually out of stock and back ordered.  Parents would camp out at Toys 'R  Us over night to be there when the delivery truck arrived.  Buying weapons on the black market is quicker and easier.
It was such a Christmas for Sandi and me.  My son was into action figures, which was the fade of his time, and He-Man was his super hero of choice that year.  He-Man's franchise weapon was the He-Man Power Sword. That year, a toy of He-Man's sword was offered for sale around November.  Made of strong plastic it was a scale replica of the magic sword and electronically created the same sound effects when it was wielded.  It's the only thing my son wants from Santa Claus that year.  Unfortunately, most every other boy his age wanted exactly the same thing.  It's a capitalist's wet dream to have your demand overwhelm your supply.
We were new to this parent thing so we waited too long to begin the Santa search for the He-Man Power Sword. It was sold out at every place we shopped for it.  No one knew where to find one. I had the number to Toy's R Us on speed dial nearing Christmas week. "Call back at 3:00, there is a shipment coming in and there might be a few swords in that load."
Stopping short of camping out on the steps of the store, at 3:01 -  I called again. "Yeah, we got a few. We sold out.  But we have a shipment coming in tomorrow morning.  I think we will get some more in by Christmas -DAY".
We were scrambling to figure out an alternative present to the sword.  The rest of our Christmas shopping was done.  There were plenty of toy swords for sale, but not He-Man's.
Passing through one of the department stores we saw an Angel Christmas Tree. I think an Angel Tree is best way to honor the season.  Cards, like ornaments hang on the tree.  On the card is a Christmas wish from someone in need. The card is a gift wish with instructions on where to deliver the present, which in this case was a shelter not far away.  I looked around at the wishes. The requests were for simple things.  The one that struck us was a wish for a plush toy and baby products like shampoo and diapers.  That is the one we took.  There was a franchise drug store near and we felt we could get everything for the wish from there.  We took the card and set off on our mission.
It had been sometime since I shopped for diapers and this store was unfamiliar.  I asked a clerk with a Santa hat on, where the diapers were.  He said, "Right over here" and walked me to the aisle.
"Thank You".
"You're welcome. Is there anything else I can help you with today?"
"Not unless you have a He-Man Power Sword." I was asking everybody.
The clerk smiled and went about his business.
As we were standing at the check out counter that same Santa clerk came up to Sandi and me. He said, "I thought I saw one of these in the back. It's the only one we have left."
He was holding the He-Man Power Sword.
Add your own personal moral to the story.  And if you happen to see an Angel Tree, grab a card.
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Dave Robison said...

For us it was a Ghostbusters Proton Pack with The Gun that had the foam "ghostbusting" ray coming out of it. We called a Toys R Us in Birmingham, AL. They had one left. We told them if they would hold it for us, we would drive the 2 and half hours there to get it. They held it, we drove the miles, and Santa got all the credit.

P. Grecian said...

Another wonderful story, Jay. Sometimes ya just gotta think there's somebody writing this little reality play. There are just way too many perfect moments like that for it to be random.

Ali said...