Tuesday, December 01, 2015

The Lessor Evil?

The Lessor of Something....
Don't get me wrong.  I am not advocating a case for any presidential candidate.  The fact is, it's still much too early to even think of this as a Presidential race.*  So far no one is acting very Presidential, especially on the Republican side.
I can't remember the last time I actually voted for a person rather than against someone else.  It would be great to vote FOR someone in a national election. However, with the likely contestants already posturing I don't see that happening next year. But just as an exercise in bloggery let us discuss the lessor of evils.  Although there is a lot in common with all the Republican candidates, let's look at the current big three, Trump, Carson and Cruz. 

But first, "Trump weighs 240 pounds. Ben Carson weighs 174 pounds, while Ted Cruz weighs 180.  The new Freedom Tower in New York is 1776 feet high. So if Trump, Carson, and Cruz jumped off the Tower at the same moment, who would hit the ground first?"  The answer is: "Who cares, it's a start."

I have never agreed with Donald Trump on anything he has ever said even if it was only, "You're Fired" on the Apprentice. But if Trump, Carson and Cruz were the only choices my "idiot default" would go to Donald Trump.  Here's why: 
Trump is a megalomaniac.  It's his arrogance that drives him with a narcissistic passion rarely seen in humans outside of genetic mistakes like Kenya West.  Trump's answers to most questions of substance are, "I will get it done. I will be great at that. I am the best at this."  If we just loved the Donald as much as the Donald loves the Donald, why would we even bother to ask what his position is on international matters.  When the chips are down Trump will do what Trump wants to do because in his mind there can be no more perfect way than the Trump Way. 
As destructive as this way of Presidential governing would be, at least it would be consistent with the person we elected. If you elect a clown expect the circus to be close by. Trumps greatest quality may be his ego, because his egotism keeps him from being evangelical, like the other two.
Carson and Cruz are not clinical egomaniacs, they are Christians. They wear their Christianity like it was a backstage pass on a lanyard. They profess humility and selflessness in the guise of their Faith.  But in the practice of their religion they are "passive aggressive megalomaniacs". This is just as destructive as the Trump variety of ego, but much less obvious.   As a point of order, not all Christians are like Cruz and Carson, just like all Muslims are not like Osama Ben Laiden. But since the candidates are allowed to talk in generalities about religion, so can I.  
Christians believe they are born into sin and they will be thrown away at the end of their life unless they admit they are powerless to do anything about it.  The only way they can avoid the burning fire of hell's trash heap is to accept the death penalty Jesus was given as their own settlement of cosmic debt.  It's like a parent saying to the teacher, "If my kid misbehaves spank the kid sitting next to him. He will accept that punishment as his own and will be a better student."
Most evangelicals I know can tell you the date and time of day they were "saved".  Could be a baptism, or a confession, a public revival meeting or any date this transference of spiritual punishment is acknowledged. From that moment on they are a new person, worthy of the riches of heaven and not relegated to hell's landfill.
By the same logic, that born again person is holier than the one who has yet to transfer his cosmic debt to a proxy.  We, the "saved" are on this side of eternity and you, the others are not.  This is passive aggressive egotism and mythological entitlement. In this perverted idea of Deity, the "saved" are given Divine authority to convert or eliminate those who are not "one of us."
If you can not see a parallel between this idea of leadership and that of the ISIS Caliphate then you are living in the myst of religious blindness. You have decided that one religious extreme is better than another.  We are supposed to be living in a country that acknowledges no religion as lessor than nor greater than any other.  And we understand that a government of the people and by the people can not endorse any religion.  Why would we ever elect a person who states that if they become President they will allow their own personal idea of Religious law govern, even if it conflicts with the Constitution.
Ted Cruz says he wishes "More people would defy the law like Kim Davis".  Ben Carson says he "could never vote for a Muslim to be President."   Donald Trump says, "My IQ is one of the highest — and you all know it! Please don't feel so stupid or insecure; it's not your fault."  As for me,  I go with idiot over zealot most every time.

* Once again,  I am not advocating a case for any presidential candidate.  The fact is, it's still much too early to even think of this as a Presidential race.
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P. Grecian said...

What can I say, Jay?
How about if I stand up and applaud long, loud, and enthusiastically.

Ali said...

This is great! And how did I not know about this blog until now?!

Joe w7com said...

This is the most insightful comment on current popular American society I have read for a long time. I'll be back to read your blog and hope to catch a show if you are in the NW.

My wife and I just saw your show via Amazon Prime. We both laughed and cried. My wife said that was like a two hour TED talk. I said that was what it would be like if Teller did ventriloquism.

Thank you for sharing your art.