Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Anniversary of my Birth..

At 4:30am on this day several decades ago, at the Methodist Hospital in Lubbock, Texas, Jay Kent Johnson was born. That baby later became someone I call "me". I don't remember much of that day except: I chose to be born at that hospital in that town so I could be close to my mother. (Place rim shot here)
It was a Monday morning.  For a Texas summer day it was not as hot as it could have been. Being born on July 11th makes my birthday lucky 7/11; and not only am I a moon child astrologically, there was a  full moon the night I was born. A double Moon Child/Cancer according to Nostrordamus.  My Father was a Navy Lieutenant and my mother a loving homemaker/bank teller/ librarian. Her incredible imagination influenced every moment of my growing up. 
I was an active child even at the moment of my birth. I never crawled before I walked at 8 months old.
Early in my life experts would suggest that not crawling could be a contributing factor in  my dyslexia and reading difficulty. Later experts suggested that my dyslexia could be a contributor to my abilities  in the art of ventriloquism. For whatever reasons leading me to this interesting life and career, I am grateful.
Growing up my Father continually repeated the comment made by Dr. Hand, the physician who delivered me. It was in a day when Fathers were not allowed into the delivery room.  Dr. Hand came to the waiting room and said to my Dad..."Well the kid is moving around so much we are not sure if it is a boy or a monkey."
I am certain that the repetition of this story over my life contributed to my fascination of monkeys and was probably the reason I would create Darwin later in my life.
At the age of five I hoisted my tricycle to the top of our garden shed and rode it off the edge. That was not my plan. My intent was to ride the tricycle around on the roof but I was too young to grasp the gravitational physics of the 30 degree slant of said roof.  The moment I got onto the tricycle,  I was committed to flying over the edge.
I had a moment of absolute euforia. Although I had not intended to ride my steed off the cliff. I had seen cowboys ride their horses off a cliff into rivers and lakes in western movies. Both horse and rider always survived and it seemed like fun. The realization there was no water below me became immediately apparent.
It was a WWII all aluminum tricycle that was light but extremely strong. Other than experiencing the shock of my young life, the tricycle landed hard on the front wheel with my feet firmly on the pedals. Neither of which were damaged; the back wheels fell into riding position and I rode away unscathed. My mother witnessed the Evil Kineval stunt from her kitchen window.
I have never been particularly upset by the number of birthday anniversaries I have had. Age is a state of mind and my mind is still going through puberty. It has always been my belief that we should live in an ageless society. Once you are 21 and can legally do anything that an adult can do there should be no other age requirements.  You should retire when you feel too old to continue your job not because you have reached some actuarial number. 
Insurance premiums should not be based on your age but your vitality; and job interviews should not be influenced by age but abilities. 
I currently know some people over 90 years old who are extremely vital and able. I also know some 55 year olds who can barely get around.  So.. what does age mean anyway?  Unless you know the person and who they are,  it is not a very good gage on quality of life. 
I feel thirty years old. There are very few things I would change in my life if I had a chance to redo them. I have had a great career, a great marriage, great family and the best friends a person could hope for.  I am truly blessed. So.. Happy Birthday to that guy I call "me".
As I am,


Kenny Croes said...

Happy Birthday, Jay.

Paulette G said...

Bappy Hirthady! ;)

Tom Farrell said...

Happy Birthday Jay. Mine comes up July 16th, see you
at Vent Haven !

Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday, Jay!

Pete Biro said...
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Pete Biro said...

Removed original comment 'cuz you could see my lips moving...:)

P. Grecian said...

Happy birthday, Jay! My foster son's birthday was the 11th. He's an amazing musician. This is a great week for consummate artist birthdays!

CJ and Buster said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jay!