Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Do not Touch...

As I was walking Boo today I noticed a tricked out pickup truck parked near our local park.  It obviously had never been used for construction. 
Displayed in the back window was a clear bumper sticker that said, 
"Do you believe in the here after? 
Dyslexic redneck's truck
Touch a cowboy's truck and find out."
Growing up in Texas I know the affection a redneck has for his truck. It was a sentiment that is more at home in the Lone Star State.
I got the implication, It was a warning for bystanders outside the truck to "leave it alone."
However, the owner had applied the clear bumper sticker to the inside of his rear window.
It read backwards from the outside of the cab and actually said...
" ?retfa ereh eht ni eveileb uoy oD. 
tuo dnif dna kcurt s'yobwoc a hcouT" 

I thought to myself... what a great looking truck except except for the bizarre signage on the back window.  
As you were,

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