Thursday, May 30, 2013

Whatever Happened too...?

Before there was... "So You Think You Can Dance" there was a short lived show starring Jay Johnson and Bob called "So You Think You Got Troubles". It was similar in structure.  Contestants, three "judges" with the outcome determined by voters was the same.  In our case the studio audience voted on the best advise that a panel of "experts" gave as the answer to their "troubled story". It was mainly an interview show giving Bob and I an opportunity to interact with people who had interesting if sometimes disturbing stories to tell. Think, a Daily Show version of the Dr. Phil Show.  
I do not own a complete copy of this show.  To see a small pomo for it on YouTube was at the same time interesting, humbling, and certainly nostalgic.
There were 75 of these shows done over the course of a season. They reside now somewhere in the vault of Ralph Edward/Stu Billet productions. I remember working very hard with the belief I was being groomed as the second string for Pat Sajack. Who could have known that the tide of Television Game shows was peaking at that very moment.  I forged some wonderful friendships from that time in my life. Television was a different animal back then and I am glad that I was part of it. Oh and the voice you hear announcing was my friend Rod Roddy.... who went on to announce for the Price is Right.  We became friends when he was announcing for "Soap". I thought at the time he and I would become Johnny and Ed.  Could have been.
Thanks Stu for giving me this chance and believing in me at the time. 
The best part about this clip is... it is short.

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John Ivy said...

This would be fun to see! Man, how would one even go about getting access to those episodes?

thedavidbeach said...

we need more vent hosted shows!!!