Saturday, May 04, 2013

Fantasy Check

When the Tony Award nominations were announced last Tuesday it recalled in my mind the memory of when my show was nominated in 2007. Several readers thought I was talking about being nominated this year.
Although it was a few years ago the experience is still so vivid I probably did not set the time line very well in my post. Thank you for all the well wishes, ego stokes are always enjoyed by us thespian/ventriloquists, but alas I did not receive a nomination this year. I did however win the Tony Award the year I was nominated. (Thank you... Thank you very much). Although not currently running on Broadway, the Film of the show will be available for viewing on your own personal entertainment device in a matter of weeks.
I'd like to thank the American Theater Wing and the broadway producers for a memory that still seems as current and exciting as it did then.
As you were,

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P. Grecian said...

I knew you were time traveling, but I understand how some wouldn't catch that. I had an advantage: I saw the DeLorean parked out back.