Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Hello New York

I am proud to be a new stringer on www. This blog will appear from time to time at that address as well as here. I feel like a 40's syndicated columnist covering the show biz beat in the Hearst newspaper empire. Seems like I should write a John Foster Cain manifesto to let my readers know what they can expect. Nah. All you regulars had to figure it out for yourselves, let the newbies do the same.
To anyone who has just found us.... I started this blog a few months before I opened my Broadway show at the Helen Hayes Theatre. My goal was to share the insiders story of what it was like to open and run a show on Broadway. That was seven years ago. I found out there was more to write about in my life of show biz than just what happens backstage.
The journey has included not just the opening of my show, but the closing, the Tony nominations, the Tony Awards, opening in London, the abrupt closing in London and the tour that continues now. Currently we are in the process of finishing the DVD of the stage show for distribution. Much more on that in later posts.
Mostly this semi-daily epistle is my personal journey through the mine field we call Show Biz.  If you are expecting a Perez Hilton approach to the biz... stop reading now. I have no hidden agenda, I'm just a story teller and writing the stories down doesn't strain my voice.
I have no control over what choses to post from here. I doubt that the editors will share the stories about my dog Boo, but you never know. I believe that a picture is worth a thousand words and I like to paint and draw so often my drawings end up here with only a few words.  I will just continue to write whatever comes to mind... which is scary enough, if you know my mind.  Bob, Darwin, Amigo, Long John LaFeat, Spaulding, Squeaky and Arthur Drew will remain as contributors, not only to my blog but my life as well.
In the oft quoted words of my hero Spaulding Gray, "I cannot write the lie that tells the truth" so I will just write about what I see and feel until Sandi and the kids have me committed. I think I have a few good years left. I hope you will stay tuned...
As you were,

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