Wednesday, March 27, 2013

That's a Monkey Joke

Since it is before my show because I just got on board, I wore my Monkey Joke tee shirt today. On board the Vision of the Seas the shirt did not get a notice. I forgot that I was wearing it. That is until I went off ship into the tourist fed commerce dockside in Costa Rica.
Perhaps it is because you don't have to drive very far here in this country to see real monkeys in the trees. I eventually got tired of answering for the shirt. In various accents people would say, "What is a Monkey Joke? What does that mean?" I started saying a monkey joke is any joke that a monkey tells, but that was not satisfying to most inquisitors. Finally I came up with an answer. When asked, "What is a Monkey Joke?" I would say, "What is yellow and smells like old bananas?" They would shrug, I would then say, "Monkey vomit." I would say in my best Darwin imitation "That is a monkey Joke.." It was a great conversation stopper.
It dawned on me when I returned to the ship that I was also wearing a "Big Bang Theory" hat... usually that gets all the questions and comments. Costa Rica where the real monkeys are and Los Angeles where the real nerds are.
I love this ship. The Vision was the last of the Vision class ships at Royal Caribbean. It was just before they decided that the ship WAS the destination so they started building them bigger that most of the ports they visit. The rumor is that they will build a ship that is as long as the Atlantic Ocean. For a trip from New York to London, they will just spin the ship around. This ship is just big enough not to be cramped but you can still get around without a line of 5000 other passengers ahead of you. I have probably performed more shows on this class of ship than any other class. It is familiar and home to me.
I may be home by the time this post is published since this is a split week for me. The internet onboard is slow and expensive. To get home I will travel from Guatemala to Miami and Miami home. I am probably equal distance from Guatemala to Miami as it is from Guatemala to LA so I will travel the two sides of a triangle that will add 6 hours and a layover to my travel day. Show business... is all about travel first.
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That was one of the lines my ex-spouse and I actually used to quote around the house. :-) He took me to see The Two And Only in Cambridge, MA, in... 2006? and, despite the choices of lines that stuck with us, it was literally one of the most moving shows we ever saw together (so thanks for that).