Monday, March 11, 2013

Not the way I imagined it...

I'm not sure if the romantic notions I have of my life lives up to the reality very often. Like right now. I thought it would be a great idea to come up to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to write my blog. It just seemed like the very thing I needed to add a dramatic kick start to my week. However, the reality is far different than the episode I imagined in my mind. It's the little details that I left out of my fantasy.
Most importantly, I did not imagine all these other people in my dream. People are coming and going, ordering coffee and pastries treating this writing carol of mine like some common, retail establishment. Some of the patrons have even brought with them their preschool kids. How can a serious writer concentrate with all this noise going on. Who are all these people and why aren't they writing?
In my version of this scene there is light classical music playing in a reverent and respectfully quiet environment. In reality there is a sound that the expresso machine makes which sounds like a steam engine coming into Victoria station and an 80's cover band music is playing on a repetitious muzak system. Who can write anything, tied to a railroad track trying to avoid acknowledging that I recognize a Barry Manilow song.
I should have stayed at home convinced that I would have so much more success concentrating at the Bean. But then what would I write about? The idea of writing about something that keeps me from writing is better than not being able to write at all. The fact is that you just can't force it out, at least I can't. Whatever creativity is, it has it's own temporal unfoldment and is not to be artificially forced. I can't schedule when an idea will come, and even then can't know if it will go anywhere until it is done.
So, I'll just sit here until that perfect article comes. I'll let you know when I go something.
As you were,

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