Tuesday, March 19, 2013

From the Mouth of Babes

At a terrific St. Patricks Day party over the weekend the hostess was telling this story on herself.

A few years ago when her Grandson was 6 years old she decided to take him to see "The Lion King".  It was in town at the time and my friend got tickets, made the plans and looked forward to a great experience with her Grandson. She loved the theatre and wanted to be a guide to encourage her Grandson's appreciation of live theatre.  It would be just the two of them... no one else, just a grand bonding experience for them both.
The day came and the little guy was very excited.  He put on his best theatre clothes, his best manners said "see you later" to his Mom and jumped into the car with his Grandmother.
They headed for the theatre. Hand in hand they walked the block from the parking lot to the theatre with the excitement growing as the little guy ogled the posters outside the theatre.
At the theatre entrance the usher looked at the tickets and directed the Grandmother to the box office.  Excitement was delayed as she stood in line with her grandson at the will call window.  Finally they got to the box office attendant who looked at the tickets. He said the tickets were for the performance of the show a week ago.  That night they were sold out... completely.
With a total change in plans the two walked back to the car.  For a moment the grandson was quiet in his disappointment.  Finally he turned to his Grandmother and said. "You know the theatre ought to put the date on the tickets."
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Just great. Thank you, Jay.