Monday, January 21, 2013

Newly Revisited Serial Selection - Feature

In a Playbill bio. I admitted to being a poet.  Brave admission for a man who also plays with dolls.  Nonetheless I do like the "wordsmithing"  of poetry. I find inspirational poems come easier than other kinds of original poetry.  Words take on more meaning when constructed in verse. They take on magic and spirit.  I imagine sometimes that angels speak in rhyme. It is the heavenly language because they have nothing but time to construct a perfect sentence to express a perfect thought. 

Modern Poets
By Jay K Johnson

A strange career in a computer age,
To be a poet, bard and sage.
To sit and think up stuff alone,
Without a fax or a telephone.
To look at life and what it means,
And not use graphs on video screens.
It seems an antiquated way,
To contemplate the world all day.
No one now does have the time,
To think of life and make up rhyme.
We live a life that goes unchecked,
No longer do we introspect
Of snowy woods and star lit nights.
We hyperspect on megabytes.

Shakespeare, Browning, Frost, Meley.
I wonder what they did all day?
Can one rehearse philosophy?
Or practice creativity?
To bring about by concentration
Timeless thought - imagination.
How did they choose to wake the muse?
What was the spark that lit the dark?
I guess that we will never know.
Their work is all that’s left to show.

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1 comment:

P. Grecian said...

The answer in your own verse lies
Art's insistent, the soul complies.
When not creating in the way used chiefly
Your art employs a new way, briefly.