Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Historic Oddities

U.S. Department of the Treasury  the worst forgery every attempted was the Kensonian Dollar Bill ( Shown Below)
Although an obvious forgery it was good enough to be accepted as currency by an unsuspecting cashier at the Sip and Suds convenience store in Mule Shoe, Texas during the cotton drought of naught 53. It was circulated in the small town for more than 10 years at the face value of a dollar.  The  forgery was only discovered when it was given as change to an out of town traveler. 
As a side line to history the Kensoian Dollar became so famous that the value of the art exceeded the amount of the attempted forgery.  In essence it became three thousand times more valuable than the actual US dollar it was supposed to replace.
Odd but true historic facts.
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Daray Pringle said...

There is an artist named J S G BOGGS he can duplicate any bill with just a pen and paper. And has made amazing Money art. and has been a thorn in the side of the Secret Service for decades. but I have always wanted a sample of his work.

what he does is make a $10.00 / $100.00 then he will take it into a store select some items and ask the store owner if he will accept the art at face value, some do some don't but when they do they get a piece of art worth way more than face value. I suggest you look at some of his bills search BOGGS BILLS on google