Friday, January 18, 2013

Editorial Corrections*

I actually consulted a dictionary for the spelling of the word equalibrim  in the drawing of the Geometric Patriot.  Even looking at the word I could not print equilibrium correctly.

Even spelling checkers can be fooled or ignored so the word "chelo", meant to describe a musical instrument, was spelled incorrectly. Correct spelling for the stringed orchestral instrument is Cello.

Thanks to my son for catching the drawing mistake and an anonymous  commentator for the musical misspelling..

Back to where we were,

*In the interest of preserving the written English language,  this writer will attempt to correct all grammar errors used incorrectly in this blog, when identified  and substantiated,  as soon as possible. Correct rules of standard grammar will always be used when ever possible.  Saving the English language is not a solitary task, you too can help by using correct spelling and construction in all the written communication you write. 


P. Grecian said...

But, though I'm a stickler on that sort of thing, it seems rude to call attention to spelling errors, especially as they are a result of something you've struggled with all your life.
The dialogue here is too important to screw up with pedantry, y'know?

Bob Conrad said...

What Phil said.