Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bye Cycling

I don't know Lance Armstrong personally, I don't know anything about the Tour de France, and cycling is a sport that I have never thought much about. 
I am also not one who places sports stars on a pedestal or refers to them as heroes because they can run, kick, or pitch extremely well.  So I don't know if that makes me totally objective or totally unqualified to comment on the Armstrong doping circus. But, hell, qualifications and objectivity never stopped me from having an opinion on anything else in this blog so why stop now.
I am not sure that I will watch the highly promoted Armstrong Confession to Oprah Superior on television tomorrow. If Lance Armstrong was going to admit that he lied to Judge Judy, that would be appointment television for me. If that were the case we all might feel a little better after Judge Judy chewed cycle-boy a new ass-hole not only for doping in the first place, but lying about doping and suing people who said he was.  
But, alas, it is not the "battle axe of television justice", Judge Judy he will face, it is the blessing from the Dame of Television he seeks, hoping her endorsement will sanctify him in the eyes of a very disappointed fan base.  Will this really work? If it does every lying cheater should immediately be let out of jail after making a public statement of guilt.  If we learned anything from the Nixon years it is this: it is not the original sin that gets you in trouble it is the massive attempt at cover up that is the down fall to the misuse of power.
It seems we have a hypocritical view of performance enhancement drugs in sports. Recently it was stated that the Miss America Contest has no rules about body enhancement.  Their rule is: The women are allowed to have any procedure (read enhancement) that will make them more beautiful from caps on their teeth, liposuction, breast augmentation, make up and hair color to flattering swim wear.  If winning is the only thing that matters in a contest then it would seem to me that anything goes to win.
Doesn't an athlete use nutrition, exercise, training and any other advantage to give him or her an edge. Why don't we let them use any chemical means available to make them a faster, stronger, bigger winner? If everyone was allowed to do what ever it takes to get the advantage, then the playing field would be once again level. The apex of the sporting world would be in line with the apex of the beauty contest world, anything to be the best.
What has brought on this sudden interest in the truth from Lance Armstrong?  It is okay for him to sue others for saying he is a cheater with the arrogance of one wrongly accused, but now that he has been found out... he wants to call "King's X" and start all over?  
Hero is, as Hero does, and it seems to me that the fundamental definition of a hero is the principle of putting principles ahead of one's own personal interest and safety.  Doping or not, winning or not, cheater or not ultimately Lance Armstrong was only doing what is best for Lance Armstrong. That is the definition of a narcissist not a hero. 
Legally the troubles are just beginning for Mr. Armstrong.  It is not a matter of admitting the decade long lie, you must also suffer the consequences. It is a matter of atonement in his life for sure, but he must atone in some way for destroying the lives of many others.
As I think about it there is nothing that I can gain from watching Lance and Oprah. The story is leaked, the doper is out of the closet, the altruist has been humbled; will it change my opinion if Oprah makes him cry?  I doubt it would change my mind if Judge Judy made him cry. No thanks. 
I will continue to look to real heros for my inspiration.
That's just my opinion, I'm sure your's is different. 
As you were,


P. Grecian said...

I think you hit it on the head, Jay. I'm not watching it. He was willing to lie and cheat to reach a goal. This is just another thing he's willing to do to reach another goal. He's still the same guy...the guy who launches lawsuits against truth.

Tracy said...

Agreed! The fact that he decided to ruin other's lives for suing them for, in fact, telling the truth makes his coming clean repulsive to me. I have always thought and will continue to believe this man is the ultimate jerk!