Friday, September 21, 2012

What would you say?

I got a FaceBook message yesterday.  A screen capture of that message is published below.  I blurred the identifying information like they do in those true crime television shows, you know, to protect the innocent and all. Other than that this is the actual message.  Okay, and the profile picture of the devil was my idea...only trying to protect the innocent.
Here it is just as I got it....   How would you answer?

"How would you answer" is a rhetorical question.  While I would never actually answer a FaceBook message in this manner, my knee jerk response is:

"You certainly may have a moment of my time.  That was it.  I hope it was great for you too. "

Never give a person who thinks he's funny an opening line.

As you were,
On Happy Friday,

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Tracy said...

perfect response! and I will steal it the next time I have a student randomly stop me in the grocery store as i did last night and ask me the exact same question (never mind the awkwardness when he stared at the four non-related items in my basket - sort of made me feel violated, you know)