Monday, September 24, 2012

Spring Fever.... Autumn what?

I had to get a new battery for my wrist watch.  For a day and a half I thought it was 10:55. That is what time the watch stopped.  I would look at the watch, realize it was not working then get the time from my phone.  I would forget quickly that the watch was not working and go through the same process several times over the weekend.  I needed a new battery,so I went to Fashion Square to my "watch guy".  I know it is a sign of my age that I actually use and wear a Wrist watch.  Most people today use their phone to tell the time.  I find that a little cumbersome, digging my phone out of my pocket and waking it up just to see what time it is. However, looking at a wrist watch is something like writing and mailing a picture postcard in today's connected public.
While at the mall I decided to hang out and see if the environment would be conducive to writing a blog.  I had my trusty iPad and keyboard.  I found a great place with a table just the right height for typing.  There is an original Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf there so I was well oiled for the attempt. There was just one thing wrong, I couldn't seem to get any sort of thought/writing flow going. There was no inspiration at the dining  circle of Fashion Square even though I had the place almost to myself.
Just a doodle on my iPad thinking about Halloween.
I don't know if there is a reciprocal state of mind for an autumnal version of spring fever, but I have always been susceptible to something this time of year.  It makes me inhale differently.  I get a smile on my face when I walk out the door, the angle of the light and the slight change in the temperature just make me happy.  I start thinking about Halloween, my favorite holiday.  My friend and teacher John McLean called autumn the "champagne of seasons" yesterday.  Eloquently said and for me inspired truth.
The summer seemed to be all about getting ready for the filming of the show.  Suddenly it is done and with that, a let down... but a change in season brings me back up. Here is hoping you are feeling the same excitement today and for the rest of the year.   
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