Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11

As I am watching the coverage on 9/11. It is too much. I have to stop because I find myself living it all over again. I was such a minor player in the events, I can't imagine the feeling of those who lost loved ones eleven years later.  I have already written my feeling on this blog. Not Forgotten
I am glad that I have the show details to keep me occupied.


Anonymous said...

Jay, you were always a kind & sensitive person. We millions of Americans who watched in horror the televised images of The World Trade Center were traumatized from afar. I cannot imagine what you experienced. Bless you & your talent. I've admired you for decades.

Ben and MJ said...

I was working at the airport and on my way to work when the announcement came over the radio what was happening in New York. We couldn't believe it. It was an incredibly awful day.