Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cape Fear

It's like a being on a land locked cruise. I am here for the week and really only doing two shows at the end of my stay. There are more things to do in Wilmington than on a ship, even the megaships of Royal Caribbean. My schedule is easy an interview or two, and checking up on the progress of the production. Starting tonight the staff and crew begin to arrive. John Ivy arrives from New York in a few hours. Tomorrow Murphy Cross will arrive. Wednesday night they will start loading in the set. Lights are being hung today. Then Thursday we will focus and run cameras, and start the real count down. We are shooting some backups on Friday evening with a skeleton audience and then it is balls out to record the two performances on Saturday. Sunday we will shoot some inserts and pickups that can't be done without blocking the audience view with cameras.
The weather could not be better, very comfortable temperatures and no humidity. There are not even any hurricanes developing at sea so it should stay this way. If this was typical Wilmington weather, I think i could live here relatively easily. Unfortunately it would be alone because I don't see Sandi moving away from LA.
The big news when I arrived is Linda Laven. She has been living here for a decade or so and has become a fixture in the Wilmington theatre community with her own theatre company. The news was about her emanate departure from the area to move back to New York. The information was pitched with sadness and just a little bit of resentment. After proclaiming Wilmington to be the renaissance city of theatrical revival when she arrived, she is now abandoning ship to go back to the more traditional roots of theatre. The thespian south was supposed to rise again with her in command and now she is defecting to a Yankee stronghold. I personally don't think her exit will impact the local theatre much but I am certainly not a local and as my son is fond of saying, "I am talking out my ass". It is just the way it is being covered as a local story here. It is being reported as a very sad event. My director Bryan ran into LInda today at lunch meeting with our cinematographer Adam, who is a local. Bryan invited Linda to our show on Saturday. I am not sure that event will make it on her social calendar but I would be happy to entertain her along with the rest of my audience.
Linda or not, my show will go on and I am sure so will the creative community of Wilmington.
As you were,


Tom Farrell said...

Break a leg! I so wish I could be there!!

Tracy said...

Can't wait to see the show. My son is the TD at Thalian and my husband and I hounded Dallas for tickets from the first time this show was announced. First show my husband was willing to PAY for tickets for in a long time! So excited to you and all your "friends."