Friday, July 27, 2012

Neither Rain nor sleet, nor dark of Night....

That is the phrase that they once used for delivery of the mail.  Perhaps in this modern technology that can't be said for email.  Yesterday I wrote a blog on the road and sent it through my normal channels which involves emailing it.  I was proud of the article because it talked about my Dreams experience in Wilmington, and some thoughts on Thalian Hall. Although that emailing process is almost instantaneously published, it never appeared on this site. I rewrote it in abridged form from my iPhone, and the results were the same... no post.
This morning I get a message from the robots that patrol the web telling me that I did not need to resend the message which contained the blog but that it would be delayed by up to two days.  I have never received a message like that before. I have gotten the messages like we all get that the message was undeliverable, but not that it had taken a side trip.
So... rather than try and rewrite the thoughts I have already written I will wait to see it it shows up in a couple of days. 
Either way, my time at Dreams of Wilmington was such a joy that I am still shining from it a bit.  To see kids that are struggling just to exist in this world take such joy in the Arts, and rededicate their attention to something constructive and beautiful is tremendously uplifting.  The executive Director Tracey Wilkes is living proof that one person can make a difference in the lives of hundreds, perhaps thousands of others. If there were more Tracey Wilkes in this world it would certainly be a more beautiful and productive place.
So,  it is balls to the wall and pedal to the metal to get this circus to Wilmington and get it on film.  That of course will start another clock running on the editing and marketing process.  As I told the kids at Dreams, it is not that working in the Arts is less strenuous, it is just doing the thing that you love.  If you love what you do then it isn't work... but the process is the same.  Oxymoron... perhaps.
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