Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hello Blog

"Hello, Jay. I haven't seen you around here lately." said the Blog.
"Hello, Blog, but you know I was only gone for the weekend." said Jay.
"The weekend and Friday and Monday." Blog added.
"Okay... a four day week end. That's all." said Jay.
"Well, is seems longer. The last time you were around these parts was last Thursday.  Were you out of town? Did I do something to piss you off?"
"No, I 've been involved in a project and it seems to have taken up most of my writing time.", Jay replied.
"What kind of project?" the blog asked.
"I'm prepping for the Two and Only shoot in Wilmington, NC, Thalian Hall on September 15th*."said Jay.
"That is months away..."
"But there are lots of things to do, I mean we are producing the play as a live event AND we are filming it at the same time.  It really  is a double edged sword." Jay said. " And, I'm writing a stage play with one friend and a screen play with another. 
"Did you say WRITING?" the blog said with attitude, " I knew it...You're seeing someone else!"
"No, No it's not like that. It's just a matter of running out of time during the day to blog."
"It would seem you have time during the day for everyone else but me. After all that I have done for you, how could you...."
"I think you are making a big deal out of nothing." Jay interjected.
"Nothing... you're writing something else? After all the things that I have done for you. I have been here letting you write all over me for the past six years. Six years. I've been here for you... when no body else would let you write, I was here. When you wrote smack about other people and got in trouble, I was here, When you shared your feelings, I was here.  Remember when I stood by you while you were doing Sam Jade, dyslexic detective? I didn't say anything, I just let you have your way with that idea. Remember what happened?  Don't answer. I'll tell you what happened... that story line didn't catch on like you thought. No on liked it, but I didn't say anything. I just let you come back to your senses.  I've been here for you through thin and thinner. And now you are off writing something else. Well, thanks a lot Mr. Fine Fickle Friend."
"I think you are upset for no reason." calmed Jay.
"No reason.  Look Jaaay, I'm not some tweet or FaceBook status that you can just write and forget about... I am your blog, the one who has stood by you when you had nothing else.  And you run off and write something else at the first idea that catches your fancy. You wouldn't even be a writer if it weren't for me.  Oh yeah, if you think this is all about you, you have another 'think' coming.  If you can't find the time to write the very blog that has been a loyal friend to you since your high and mighty Broadway days, then you are no kind of writer at all. You are just a poser.  You heard me a poser!"
"I can't believe you are taking it this way.." said Jay.
"Go ahead, play thespian at Wilmington, NC on Sept. 15, (Thalian Hall, tickets available on line now, like JJTwoandOnly on facebook to keep updated on the show and release of the DVD.... it will be historic*) write your screen play,  write your stage play.... Write your obituary for all I care. Just remember when you have done all that, I'll be here. That's right I will be right here.  I'm not going anywhere. When you need a place to write I'll be here, and you'll come crawling back... you need me more than I need you. You are not the only blog writer in the world you know. Look around the Internet is lousy with bloggers.... most more loyal than you." the Blog huffed.
"Oh come on... it's been four days... " pleaded Jay.
"Don't write on me right now... I'm just not in the mood for your bull shit this morning. Go and write what you will with those 'other projects', you bastard."
"I'll come back and write when you are feeling differently." said Jay.

For the first time the Blog was silent.

As you we - "I can't believe you would say... As you were at a time like this." and with that the Blog shut down.
As... uh... time goes by,

*Mention of "Jay Johnson: The Two and Only" playing Thalian Hall, Wilmington, NC on September 15, 2012 was paid for by the 'Jay Johnson committee to preserve the show.'

I'm Jay Johnson and I approved of this message.... except the part where the blog got bent out of shape.


Tom Farrell said...

Now that's writing out of the box. Your blog is an everyday delight! Every day that you write it, that is!

P. Grecian said...

Really, in spite of its attitude, I'm sure it was as happy as we were to see you today. Give it some time. It'll come around. Maybe send it some virtual flowers.

Bob Conrad said...

That's no way to treat a Blog Jaaay. They have feelings too. Glad to see you back. Just saying.

Kenny Croes said...

Ok you two. Don't make us come down there.