Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Good morning Wilmington

I'm here in Wilmington to do some publicity for the show in September. We checked on the set builders at Scenic Asylum and did some work at the theatre. I sold short the amount of work that it takes to mount the show, Broadway style, and film it at the same time. It is like Driving in a Nascar race while attempting to watch in the stands at the same time.
This is a picture of Bryan and Marge the director and producer of the shoot standing in front of the poster that is advertising the show.
Tony, the artistic director, gave me an historic tour of Thalian Hall. I have been saying that it is about the same age theatre as the Helen Hayse, however, it is almost a hundred years older. Miss Hayes was just a thought when this theatre was doing shows. Tony is such a great artistic director and historian for this theatre. I had no idea the importance of this theatre, we just picked it because it was so beautiful. I am really getting more and more excited about the show.... September 15, 2012. It seemed so far away when we started making plans a year ago, now it is a matter of weeks away. I hope that anyone who is near the area will come and join us on this historic site with what will be an historic event.
Here is a question that I wanted answered and Tony had the scoop. I asked what does Thalian mean. When I Google I get the theater but not the actual definition of the word. According to Tony, Thalia is one of the Greek muses. There is a bust of her in the lobby of Thalian Hall. She looks good for a woman pushing 2k. I'm not sure how they got her to sit still long enough to have a sculpture done but there she is.
This time of year Wilmington is hot and humid. I have to say it has not been as hot and humid as Houston, Texas. Wilmington, is a beautiful city full of southern charm and wonderfully friendly people. It just feels very right that we would document my show here.
Time will probably go to quickly for some of the production details and too long for me to get the chance to do the show again. More later from these same channels.
As you were,


Bob Baker said...

Tickets for both shows bought. Hotel reservation made. Flight from NY booked. Can't wait to watch Jay do it for posterity and for the art of ventriloquism.

Tracy said...

thank you for loving our town and our theater. I am thrilled to see you at Thalian, she sure is a gem of a place to be. I have loved the fact that both my children have a connection with this theater. My daughter as a performer and my son who lovingly attends to every light, switch, pulley and more. She is nearly his mistress, and a beautiful one at that.