Monday, July 09, 2012

DrawSomething....Draw Some...

I enjoy playing DrawSomething when I have a chance.  I draw in my spare time anyway and to have suggestions of things to draw is a great exercise in Art.  In fact I think my technique has improved since I have been playing.  It is easy to get lost in the minutia of the drawing and forget communication and perception.  This game makes you put perception at the top of the skill list.  Numbers of players who are not so much artists get it, and some that draw well do not. 
There was one picture I could not guess from a person I do not know but have been playing with for a while. This player drew a stick figure with the arms angled upward. It could have been a diagram for  semaphore signals if the stick figure had been holding flags.  But Alas, the correct answer was Karate.  There was no way this symbol conjured up that ancient Martial art.
This brings me to the thought of the day.  On one of my turns at DrawSomething the word to draw was "WigWam". I  realized that a wigwam and a Tee Pee are visually the same, if not synonyms.  I was hoping that the player on the other side could figure it out from the letters as well as the drawing.  He did, but it reminded me of a joke.
A guy goes to the psychiatrist and says, "Doc, I am having terrible dreams."  
Doctor says, "Tell me about them... maybe I can help."
"Okay.... sometimes I think I am a Tee Pee and some time I think I am a Wig Wam."
The doctor says, "Well, it is obvious to me that you are two tents."

LOLing yet? Well you may have to read it out loud.  Or maybe you have to have a comedian tell it. Or
maybe it just isn't that funny.  I like it... and it is a clean joke.
As you were,

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P. Grecian said...

I've heard it before, but I still laughed. I think it's the way you tell it. :-)