Monday, November 07, 2011

You Kids get off my Lawn!
What dedication from a football coach who continues to drill his players on the proper linesman's stance even when they are in the shower.  No wonder Penn State has a great defensive football team, from an early age the players learned to cover their asses.  (Rim shot.... thank you very much. Tip your waiters and waitresses, I'll be here all week)
All I know is what is being said in the news but, when you see a coach having ANY interaction with a ten year old boy in the shower, it is time to blow the whistle. If the bosses don't do something immediately, they are just as guilty. It is not a sin to see an injustice, but it is a crime not to do something about it if you can.  Have we not learned enough from the Catholic Church that to cover up and conceal a crime like that is in some ways more of a crime?

Kim Kardashian... why? I thought it was ridiculous to follow Paris Hilton around and idealize her extravagant and disfunctional life style, but at least she had some cashé from being a hotel heiress.  Hilton was a name that everyone knew before there was a spoiled child named Paris.  Her Grandfather made headlines by marrying Zaa Zaa Gabor in his day. Even if it was a stretch the Hilton family is a legacy and wealthy heirs in this era of Capitalistic Fascism are to be admired.
But Kim Kardashian?  Why do we care? Is it  because we love the albums she has put out? Or maybe we love her in those movies? Or the way she dances, or plays the violin, or maybe it is because of the charity work she does? Maybe it is because she is just SO she can.... well she has an unusually large butt. So does Aretha Franklin, and Aretha can sing.

In the mean time Conrad Murray was found guilty an hour ago.  He will be sentenced in a couple of weeks. Perhaps he was more guilty of malpractice that involuntary murder, but that was the only charge that the jury had to consider. He certainly seemed guilty of something.  

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Anonymous said...

You go, Jay! You have expressed many of my exact sentiments.

Roomie said...

We are glad to see you back and so "feisty" and we love you....
Carry on,