Monday, November 21, 2011

Jay Johnson's Blog
What would we do without a  Google/type search? I used the term google/type advisedly. In the past companies have lost there trade name when it became synonymous with the generic name. Examples are Cellophane, Band Aid, Kleenex and others I learned about in college... but never thought the information would be important until now.  At any rate there have been companies who pioneered a certain product or service only to see that name used as the generic name even by their competitors. Google is now a verb and it doesn't look like the company is any worse for such usage but just to be completely proper... google-type. But that has very little to do with what I have been thinking this morning, and yet everything to do with losing your brand name to a generic.
I wondered how people find my blog, and although Blooger has all kinds of diagnostic tools I decided to do the googling myself.  I am aware that there is a young actor by the name of Jay Kenneth Johnson.  IMDB and other data bases sometimes confuse us. Since my middle name begins also with a K, searching my AFTRA, SAG, and AEA name which is Jay K. Johnson is confusing.  The whole reason I am Jay K. Johnson is because when I joined AFTRA years ago there was another Jay Johnson as a  member.  So.... as I google-like searched for my blog, I was cautious not to be googled into following the Ethernet thread of some actor named Jay K. Johnson.
After a google-esque search for the phrase "Jay Johnson's Blog", third on the list in the search (after the Jay Johnson boot camp and Jay Johnson coach) was Jay Johnson's Blog. I clicked on that link to find an article on Lady GaGa and an out of focus picture that did not look like me at all, and the date of the last post which was March 12, 2010. 
Being the over active blog scribe that I am I was sure I had scribbled something since March of last year and more importantly I knew that I was not the guy in the picture.
Just to make sure that it was not me, I checked my blog and on 3/12/2010 and there was no mention of Lady GaGa as you can see for yourself....  The World is a Stage .  It is not that I have anything against the other Jay Johnson... or any other Jay Johnsons.... It's just I am not them and they are not me.  I don't want to get blamed for what they write about Lady GaGa, or the Grateful Dead. And you will not find a poster of Sarah Palin anywhere on MY blog. 
And.... I am sure that the other Jay Johnson does not want to get the blame for the stupid things that I write about, nor would he want to incur the wrath of those I offend with my words semi regularly. 
So don't be fooled by a generic Jay Johnson's Blog.... only settle for the original. "The World is a Stage" by Jay Johnson where you will find completely useless information and judgmental rants on anything that comes to mind. No Palin... No GaGa ....only Railin' and Do Do..
And..because the posts to this blog may be a little erratic this week due toThanksgiving... don't be fooled by posers.  Only accept the original blog ... The World is a Stage by Jay Johnson where you will find 1,212 Posts written over the span of 6 years covering a wide variety of topics from the self indulgent to the absolute banal. 
As you were, ®

®The name Jay and the phrase, "as you were" are protected under the "Oh no you didn't" Act of 2008. Any person assuming the identity of Jay Johnson by using these registered trade marks is subject to a very stern warning and vilification in these very posts. Not to mention, all less than flattering comments will to be sent directly to the imitator. To all potential Jay Johnson imitation bloggers...think before you use my name....  using the name Jeff Dunham's Blog will get you many more hits and readers.


Bob Conrad said...

Understood. As you were. Bob

Cheryl said...

Glad I am in the right place, Jay! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours....

Dave Robison said...

if you Google-type search just "jay johnson" "blog"--your Two and Only site appears first followed by The World is a Stage and THEN Jay Johnson's Blog.

Googling just The World Is A Stage brings up countless Shakespeare related sites and you have to add "blog" to get to your site.

My main complaint on your "searchabilty" is that while you have a wikipedia page, Facebook does not recognize "Jay Johnson (ventriloquist" as listed at Wiki as a bonafide "community page" to "Like".

Damn, that was a lot of quotation marks.

I'm "thankful" that I always know where to find you.