Monday, November 28, 2011

Ahes to Ashes
There is a common consensus about the rituals and customs of a traditional funeral. It stems from the fact that you had better get the body in the ground rather quickly before it starts to (how can I say it delicately) decay. And there are rules about where you can dig that hole in the ground so a lot of things are just organic in a traditional...body in a casket funeral. It is a western idea clouded in Judaic /Christian philosophy that the body needs to be somewhere it can be found in tact on the last day, because the soul will need that vehicle for eternity. I'm not here to debate that... save it for the one of the next GOP debates. I would love to hear Perry and Cain's thoughts on the matter. (Perry and Cain... one of the best interacial comedy teams of the current era)
Cremation is not so clearly defined as to where the ashes shall reside for eternity.  My family has recently gone through those thoughts concerning my Dad's ashes.
There are many thoughts and ideas on that subject. I have been to the scattering of ashes at sea, at parks, at private property and public.  The wife of one of my actor friends even took teaspoon portions of Richard's ashes and scattered them under her seat at every theatre performace she attended for years after his death. That may be the coolest idea since I think of my friend every time I walk into one of those annointed theatres. It makes me smile.
Perhaps the funniest depiction of ashes being spread is in the movie "The Big Lebowski".  High on a hill near the Malibu coast, "Donny's ashes are tossed into the wind from a Folgers coffee can, only to blow back into the faces of the two friends in attendance of the ceremony. There is casual talk as Lebowski wipes the white ash from his sun glasses uncerimoniously. 
Around the Thanksgiving dinner table all our ashes-options were discussed. My friend Bryan told me of certain glass blowers who would mix human ashe into the formula of their glass. It created unique colors and when fashioned into a vase, bottle or jewelery it became a unique heirloom.  Being the smart ass that my family has come to accept, I said "That is exactly what I am going to do with Sandi.  I will have her ashes crafted into a necklace or bracelett."  My son Taylor immediately added, "Yes, it is Mom's greatest desire to return to this earth as BLING."
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Bob Conrad said...

New York DJ William B. Williams used to say he wanted his ashes spread in front of Bloomingdales Department store, that way he knew his wife would visit the site of his grave.

Daray Pringle said...

My Wife passed 2 years ago, I know there are companys that can take the ashes and make them into a Diamond.
My Daughter and I planted a Memorial Tree in the front yard in her Honor. and poured in some of her ashes under the tree, the young tree will draw in the Calcium from the remains and she will literally become part of the tree.
and the plan is for when I die my Ashes will be mixed with hers

Daray Pringle

Dave Robison said...

I think you'd appreciate a little movie called The Way, produced by Emilio Estevez and starring Martin Sheen. Feel free to google the Title.

Martin's son is killed on the Camino de Santiago on a pilgrimage and Martin travels to France to walk The Way and spread his son's ashes along the way at different checkpoints.

A truly good "little" film both sad and uplifting.

P. Grecian said...

Many years ago, I told my children that I wanted my ashes thrown in the faces of my enemies.
My daughter Roxane, about ten at the time, said, solemnly, "Oh Dad, you won't have THAT many ashes."