Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sick at sea

We are in St. Croix today and I seem to have a connection for my Blackberry for a few hours. I am so glad Sandi is with me on this trip but I'm not sure she would agree. She came down with stomach flu on the first night on the boat. Really bad stuff she was down for the count. About 24 hours later at 4:30 am I came down with the same symptoms. Fortunately they didn't hit me until after my shows. That fact was of little consolation to me as I was trying to fill the porcelain cave in my cabin.
It became so bad we had to call in the ships doctor. He was very much like Dr McCoy on Star Trek except he spoke with a Columbia accent and no one called him bones.
The Dr would not confirm that it was the Cruise ship grunge that seems to go around most ships, but they asked Sandi and I to stay in our cabin for 24 hours. That request was no problem since we could barely get out of bed, or be very far from the facilities.

The worst of it was over in a day but we have not been more than 30% since. We don't really feel like eating and are both really tired. I'm sure I will be fine by show time on Monday. But I can't remember being this sick for a long time. This has not been the working vacation that I had in mind.
As you were,


Roomie said...

We are SO sorry to hear about this illness at sea, especially since this was really to be some R&R for the two of you....just relax and get better and just remember, there will be other times very soon for the two of you to do what the original plan to you both and
Carry on,
OZ and Toto 2

Tony Gangi said...

So sorry to hear you're feeling poorly. Feel better soon.

We just finished watching the documentary I'M NO DUMMY. The pieces of you we saw in it were just so very enjoyable. It's spurred us to start streaming an episode of SOAP each evening.

Be well. Get well.

--Tony Gangi