Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rochester GEVA
We have added a show on Monday due to the brisk ticket sales at the theater. That is as long as we can extend because of the theatre space being booked. This is a DownStairs Cabaret Presentation of the show at the GEVA NextStage. GEVA is the LORT theatre in town and the DownStairs Cabaret is the "off Broadway" non-profit production company.

You would think that these two Theatrical companies would work together, but they don't. Although we are in the GEVA theater they have done nothing more than rent out the space. They said they would do a mailing, they didn't. They said they would do an email blast, they didn't. We even had to move our set to make way for an Improv Class that was there on a day off. They have not been helpful and still we are selling out. I wonder what we could do if they would chip in some support.

Chris, the producer, told me today on a promotional interview this morning that the GEVA theater-mucks were upset that we had focused the stage lights for my show. Are you kidding me? A theater that doesn't want you to focus the lights? That's like a rental car company not wanting you to turn the steering wheel of their cars.

There seems to be a feeling in the theatre world that a show about a ventriloquist just needs a stool and a spot light. How could it be a fully realized theatrical show if it involves ventriloquism? How could a show win the Tony if it is about ventriloquism? I guess you fight bias on every level, and at every turn.

GEVA is a medium fish in a small Theatrical pond. They should help promote any good theatrical event in Rochester, particularly if it is being presented in their theatre space. May every city be saved from local unrealistically egotistical artistic directors.

In the words of Forrest Gump... "That is about all I have to say about that."
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Anonymous said...

I am learning lots too about the theatre. But the most I am learning is if you have a passion for a craft (performer, back-stage, or other) then you will stop at nothing to make sure that the show happens. - Aaron