Thursday, March 26, 2009


Ann Marie, one of the Producers of my Rochester TTAO company, gave me a book called "Rochester Haunts." Obviously my ghost hunting passion is no secret to those who know me.

One of the haunted stories involves the GEVA Theatre building where I am performing. I read it with great interest and found out that the ghost who walks the GEVA theatre walks the basement just out side my dressing room door. What fun. I wonder now if some of the apparitions I have been seeing backstage could actually be the real thing. I need to check the cast list of Sweeny Todd more closely.

Speaking of apparitions outside the local Wegmans grocery store this morning I saw Elvis. He was in his white suit, sun glasses, and long scarf. Looks like he has lost a lot of weight, and had a sex change. There was a small stage covered in scattered rose pedals where he/she was performing by the news stand. No one was paying any attention; I was afraid to ask. Perhaps it is one of the sites of Haunted Rochester.

You never want to say "Hey what is up with the Elvis impersonator?". And the have some one say.... "What Elvis?"

Rochester is like a bucolic version of Manhattan. The crazies are here they are just more laid back.

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