Saturday, March 28, 2009

Medium Rare's Weakly Astrological Projections.

Astrological forecasts are provided for entertainment only. Please no wagering or gambling based on the information contained here in.

Saturday March 28, 2009

Aries- You don't want to become too routine. You learn from the odd and the obscure and as an artist you need to be stimulated. Don't let the challenge get to you. Know that it is all about learning and expressing yourself.

Taurus- Legal matters have not been resolved. Make sure you are not trying to find justice in the legal system. The justice is in yourself. Give the legal system that which is needs and stay out of the fray as much as you can.

Gemini- Be aware when you are over doing it. Things are going well, but don't get lax. Celebrate in moderation. Celebration can become a deterant to moving forward. There will me time to pat yourself on the back later.

Cancer- Set backs last month seem to be coming into focus. You are still the king of the jungle, but the rules change daily. A king rules by accepting the changes and making them his own. Rule by compassion and forgive often.

Leo- That project of cleaning out the closet is still waiting. Remember when you go through that storage unit, you are cleaning up your mental attitudes as well. Get rid of the old stuff and make use of the good things that have been sitting there waiting for you to get back to them.

Virgo- There are things you are taking for granted in your life style. Be grateful and don't over indulge. Know that this time is a gift and treat it so. You may think you are in balance, but you are just a little bit off. Change your habits just to do something different.

Libra- You are traveling soon. The holidays look very bright for you. You can make the old ways and your new person fit together an easy way. Just be who you are now and don't worry about how people have seen you in the past. This is another major passage for you.

Scorpio- Just when you thought there was no room to go up, the trend fooled you. Things are brighter than the world is telling you. You see the future as bright and it will be the way you see it. Stay focused on the prize.

Sagittarius- The future is what you make it. If it seems there is less in front than behind you are looking in the wrong direction. Today is a new day no different from yesterday, make it what you want it to be. Don't carry the past around, it is a weigh on your shoulders.

Capricorn- If it seems like you have been fighting a trend you have. If you are going in circles you at times you will be going the same way as the crowd. That doesn't mean you are part of them, you are just going that direction any way. Try to keep a clear head and focus on the goal.

Aquarius- As the year comes to and end you are amazed that plans have worked out better than you thought. What was going to be a break even is now looking like a profit. Keep doing what you are doing you are on the right path.

Pisces- There are rough days and there are calm days, but they are just days. Nothing is permanent but change. You can write your name in the lake but it won't stay. Know that the calm waters of you home port is just ahead.

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