Thursday, August 21, 2008

A very short film from Productions.
No releases were granted for the use of personal likenesses used in this film. No credit is given to photographers. No license paid to musicians. Actors, editors and production assistants were not compensated. The writer takes no responsibility for the content nor editorial statements contained here in. Neither nor its affiliates are responsible for its creation. It is presented for amusement only. No remedy will be offered if it fails to be amusing, nor apologies given to anyone. And..... No animals were hurt in the filming of this episode.

And by the way. Happy Birthday to my Brother, today August 21st. He does not celebrate birthdays but for those of us who know him and love him, we are glad he was born. Happy DAY super sib.

As you were,

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Roomie said...

What can this "old geezer" say that will express the surprise and extreme JOY in this video. This had to be a "labor of love" on your part or whoever put it together. What fun memories...and you're correct..."friends never change," and I am SO grateful for this friendship...I'm tearing up so I'd better let Mandy finish.
Uncle Jay...Mandy here...Uncle David and I were really touched by this and your warm Birthday wishes for Unk who will be 67 on Monday. What time do we arrive for the "surprise party?" I have the plane tickets...if we arent bumped or the flight cancelled! We love you and would like to save the blog from Thursday but will have to find out know how "challenged" Unk is....
Carry on,
TAOP and the ever present and lovable TAOTB